Have you ever thought that the quality of life you live is closely related to the health, your mindset and how active you are? As a CEO of Fit-budd and working also in the corporate world, I know how much of my health is related to my performance and overall output.

Yes, it’s that simple, the quality of our life depends on the equation that if we get right, our life skyrockets, emotionally and energy wise.

Fit-budd: ‘Good life = health+ mind + fitness’

Health: Your health is your life! When we wish each other happy birthday, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Yes, it’s: ‘I wish you lot of health, wealth and success’. There you have it, we spit it out very easily, but I believe that many of us are not fully aware of what that truly means. Health is like a jar that you have to fill in with the good stuff, not just avoid the pizza or the sweets, but truly think long term and plan for a vital health. You want to pivot towards a health that is constantly increasing. How? Just book me and we have you set-up in no time.




Mind: How well are you positioned in your thinking determines your success. This is a brave statement and it’s obviously dependent on a moment to moment psychology. However, imagine you are negative or fearful at all times and scientifically your brain potential diminishes. In other words, you are not using your brain to the full potential. So, you want to be calm, gathered and see the bright side of things. That’s a good step, towards a successful life.

The industry giant on the self-help Tony Robbins says: ’emotion equals motion’.  Your state (how you feel) is closely related to how much you move.

It took me quite some time to figure, whether it’s just moving around the house or going for a walk, there is a close relation in how you feel mentally and how productive you are for instance. Eventually, I knew that all three are interrelated.

Movement: So, that’s just one part of the equation. Then you have to add to it the ability to move. Be it your 10.000 steps a day that you set on your smartphone or watch, you want to be sure to challenge your body too. Our body likes to live in a homeostasis or equilibrium. It does not like to be challenged, it always looks for balance.

So, here you have it! Get yourself set up with 1:1 or group coaching. Learn here additional three reasons why to hire a CEO to be your coach or consultant.



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