Do you exercise when you travel? I bet you don’t. Jet legged, tired and not in mood to squeeze in 20 min of exercise.

BELLEVUE, Wash., February 1, 2017 –®, released the results of the 2017 Expedia Fitness Breaks Study, executed in partnership with Google Consumer Surveys.

The study found the most active travelers are Australians, with a full 55% believing it is important to exercise while traveling. Americans come in a close second, at 53%. The people least likely to prioritize exercise while traveling can be found in England, with only 43% identifying exercise as important.

The highest percentage of people who outright refuse to exercise while traveling can be found in France, at 23%. Only 10% of Americans say they “don’t work out while they travel” at all, the lowest percentage in the field. The rankings on both metrics follow:

Travelers around the world feel it is “very or somewhat important” to exercise while traveling:

1. Australia: 55 percent
2. US: 53 percent
3. Canada: 51 percent
4. Spain: 49 percent
5. France: 48 percent
6. Germany: 43 percent
7. UK: 42 percent

Travelers who “don’t work out while they travel”:

1. France: 23 percent
2. Spain: 22 percent
3. Germany: 14 percent
4. UK: 14 percent
5. Canada: 13 percent
6. Australia: 12 percent
7. US: 10 percent

Exercise enriches travel experiences
Globally, among those who do exercise while traveling, 22% claim to do so to balance indulgent food, an opinion shared most by the French (31%), the Australians (29%) and Americans (27%).

Fitness-focused travelers adapt to their surroundings
Fitness-focused travelers often exercise differently when traveling. Americans are most likely to modify their typical workout routine when away from home (42%). A full 41% of Aussies do the same, while only 20% of the Spanish – the least in the field – alter their regular regimen.

So, should you exercise, should you not? I believe yes! To make sure you can boost your energy and burn the morning croissants etc. a tailored simple workout can be the solution! Do you need a tailored advice and coaching on traveling tips and staying fit? Hit me up on Instagram or drop me an mail on


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