Why get yourself a smartwatch? To measure progress


As Tony Robbins says: ‘Progress equals happiness. If you are not progressing, you are dying inside.’


This may sound a bit extreme, or harsh, but it is true. You cannot know how many steps you have done a certain day if you don’t measure it. You don’t necessarily have to buy a smartwatch, just use an app on your phone and carry your phone around.

  1. Best: Handy to measure the distance you walk Tip: Set yourself 10.000 steps goal / daily. You will be surprised how much you walk and how easily you can reach it.
  2. Good: Tracking your sleep. It’s useful to track your healthy sleep but can get quite annoying if you are not used to having a smartwatch on while asleep. Some of the smartwatch you got to set it manually that you go sleep, and some just record it automatically, once your body becomes still.
  3. OK: The better versions let you show you whether you are stressed, dehydrated and well synchronized with your phone. I think this is not a necessity, but can be fun.


Start tracking your progress and challenging yourself weekly! Get 3 weekly tips, keep it realistic. We all are busy, so let’s get you hooked today.



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