Why is it good to join the other side and what do I mean? We all strive to live as healthy as possible, according to our knowledge, character and whether we are lazy or not. Some invest more than others, however, it’s good to let yourself go time to time and enjoy some treat… This photo was taken in Brugge, the Belgium beer garre is very good!

Reason 1: Set up strategic refeed or treat days where you eat whatever you want, pizza, cakes, beer. In this way, you will be happy that you did it and will not have such cravings during the week. I do such things once to 4 times a month.

Reason 2:  It’s nice to relax and enjoy yourself without having to think, that you are eating something unhealthy. I learned this rule, where I drink some veggie juice before a night out or eat veggies with every meal to make my conscious feel better.

Reason 3: This treat day/afternoon or whatever you call it helps in the further fat loss. If you have problem snacking, try to eat just once a week your chocolate, popcorn or chips and the rest of the week just healthy food. Trust me, you will feel better psychologically and health wise.



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