During my traveling and visiting friends, family or acquaintances around Europe, I noticed one pattern:

‘ There is a huge misconception about what does it actually mean to be healthy. Too many sixpecks out there that don’t live healthy, but still are lean’ 

Moreover, people seem not to really know how to live healthy, because there is just too much information and too many people with sixpecs, which does not dictate a healthy lifestyle. People tend to look for quick fixes, instead of looking for a holistic approach.

And let’s be honest, it’s not easy! When you figure the approach, you got a second challenge, what is actually believable and what is not? I am struggling myself with this time to time. So, what do I do? I keep looking until it feels believable! I look for a couple of professionals who claim the same thing and then, TEST IT ON MYSELF…

Like the other day, when listening to a podcast about longevity etc. This doctor (heart surgeon that did 10.000 operations) suggested to consume about 1L of  olive oil over the course of the week. This was the first time I heard something like that. Pretty crazy, right? So, I kept looking, until I heard the same story independently from another doctor that said, there is a Spanish study, that claims that 1L of olive oil per week is beneficial for the health. By, then I thought, hmm, what if this is actually true? I started testing…(about that soon)

All in all, I see myself as a person, that finds the best way for the average citizen (you and me) to achieve extraordinary results. AND I want to deliver the answers faster then people around me. Ultimately,  I aim to inspire people through my Instagram, my daily encounters and through these blog posts.

Lots of times, it comes down to learning about your body, learning about health and trying out what works for you! What works for me, or my friend Eve (I don’t have any friend Eve, actually, lol),  does not have to work for you. So, go out, explore, listen to your body and keep looking until you find…

During this journey, you can become a small inspiration and example of true health, energy and the go to person, just because you studied yourself. Don’t accept what you read, but test it against time and improvement of your health. Don’t back down with first failures, but focus on what matters daily, drink enough water, fast time to time and be kind to others.

I have done a 3 day water fast, only, so stay tuned. In the meantime follow me so follow  on Instagram at @fitbudd88

Live life full of passion and health!


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