Great question! And all of you should have your own reasons.

Reason 1: Mobility, mobility, and mobility. I just wanted to include more mobility (strength throughout the whole range of my body). I noticed that after years of training I am very tight in my hips, shoulders knees.

Reason 2: It looks damn awesome. I think seeing somebody being able to hold a plank position while being attached just by holding the bar is a damn hard thing to do. You need a core, shoulder and lot of balance.

Reason 3: It transforms your life. I am a strong believer in stretching your comfort zone and doing things that make you feel, hesitant and uncomfortable. We grind first, then learn and ultimate shine through our transformation.

Do you want to know more? Get my weekly tips to shine. I break it down into simple three tips for health, fitness, and life so that you can take it and apply it.




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